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Updated: 31st May, 2017

I'm Darren, owner of HD Locksmiths and master locksmith in Huddersfield.
I have been working as a locksmith in Huddersfield for over five years, in the past specialising in uPVC door lock repairs.
From domestic household locks to commercial doors and fittings I am your 'go to' locksmith. If it has a lock I can most probably sort it!
This is a genuine local locksmith in Huddersfield, not a national call centre or one of those franchises that sub contracts the work out.
You will always deal with me, your friendly Huddersfield lockmith.

Huddersfield | Latest Security News

Due to the increasing demand for anti-snap locks in the Huddersfield area, we have begun to stock the latest range of anti-snap locks.
The ones we stock are the best balance of security/price
We also stock other brands of high security lock for commercial and restricted premises and shopfronts in Huddersfield. Unfortunately many of our clients in the Huddersfield area only discover the need for antisnap locks after the burglary has taken place and we alongside many other local locksmiths are trying to spread awareness of the lock snapping problem.
If you have any questions regarding locks snapping in Huddersfield or would like some advice from a qualified security expert then give Darren at HD Locksmiths a call.

Van Deadlocks Fitted In Huddersfield

If you're a tradesman looking to upgrade the security of your van then we can supply and install additional deadlocks alongside the factory fitted locks for superior protection against unauthorised entry and vehicle tool theft.
Not every tradesman can viably remove all tools every night and need to store safely in the van. Installing van deadlocks esnures that opportunist thieves cannot use their clever tricks to bypass or remove the factory fitted van locks.
Call Darren for expert advise on fitting van locks in Huddersfield or to book an appointment.

What Can A Locksmith Do?

Huddersfield Locksmiths are not just available for emergency call outs when you lose or break a key!

Generally a locksmith has both exceptional carpentry skills and a good undertsanding of mechanics.

It is not just about knowing where to drill or using that mythical 'master key', it requires years of training and experience to provide the full locksmith service.

Darren, our locksmith in Huddersfield has exceptional knowledge of both new and oldschool lock mechansims from uPVC door multi-point locks to old hand made rim style locks.

As well as stocking and fitting almost every lock you can think of, we can also supply high security and specialist locks for higher security premises.

You may also be surprised to know that most locksmiths now carry tools to gain entry to your vehicle when you have locked your keys in or broken the key in the door.

Removing broken key parts from the ignition barrell is better left to a a trained locksmith than your local car garage and we will not need to dismantle half of your car to do so!

If you are unsure or have any queries about whether or not to call a locksmith, give us a no obligation call on 01484613413.

Latest Customer Reviews

A.Marsh, Huddersfield - Locks Fitted "Fitted all our new anti-snap locks to the doors since we did not know how to remove the existing locks. Darren was friendly and professional, fairly priced and a sound guy."

K.Beards, Lockwood - "Darren is a down to earth professional, passionate about providing a good service. Would recommend this locksmith service to any business in the area."

M.Pines, Huddersfield - Locked Out - "Delivered the 24 hour service as advertised. No other locksmith in Huddersfield answered the phone. Excellent service!"

A.Seedhouse, Huddersfield - Locksmith - "Good all round service from HD locks, tidy workmanship and professional attitude. I would use again."

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Commercial Locksmith Huddersfield

As well as providing all the standard domestic locksmith services, HD Locksmiths Huddersfield also offer a range of high security locks and specialist access products to cater for the commercial customers in Huddersfield.

HD Locksmiths have a long list of satisfied commercial clients throughout Yorkshire that would be happy to vouch for our outstanding locksmith service and expert security knowledge.

Call Darren on 01484613413 to discuss your requirements and to arrange a free quotation.

Security locks for commercial doors

24 Hour Call Out

You can contact Darren; your local locksmith directly on 01484613413

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